Triplets and a Toddler

This is a blog describing our life. We have a 15 month old toddler and are 12 weeks pregnant with triplets. It's going to be a busy life, but so very worth every minute!

Feeling Blessed

Most of the time, when people see me coming with seven kiddos in tow, I think they dread us arriving.  We’ve been two places recently where that has not been the case.  The first is our church, First Baptist.  We are greeted with smiles, help getting from the van to the church, and then during the greeting times, welcomed with smiles and hugs and compliments for the kiddos.  There is never a shortage of volunteers to help hold the girls or sit with the boys.  We love our new church family and the acceptance they meet us with each week.  The second place was a birthday party we went to this last weekend, where all my kiddos were loved and cherished.  It is so great to see others enjoying our children as much as we do.

We’ve been working on potty training the little boys.  They will be two in July, and refuse to leave diapers on, so time to potty train.  We made sticker charts today to try to help them get their poops in the potty.  So far, that is our only real issue.  I’m hoping that in the next few days we can be finished with daily accidents and on to unders for all!  Potty training three boys while also taking care of the girls and Will makes for crazy moments of the day, but will make life much easier in the end!

The little boys are almost two.  We have a birthday party theme - airplanes!  Now, on to getting the party planned and ready.  I can’t believe they are almost two, time is flying by very quickly.

Meggie and Emme have both rolled back to tummy now.  They all three roll tummy to back.  They are getting big fast :)


Today was a great day, a day where I felt like a normal family, not one so large that it’s hard to go do something.  I love that it is getting easier to go do things.  We went to the zoo a couple weeks ago, and that was a lot of work, but lots of fun.  Today, we went to the annual Strawberry Festival in downtown Kokomo.  It’s always crowded, but so very good.  We had helpers come with us, and the little boys and the girls were able to get out and enjoy the festival (Will is at the beach with Grandma and Grandpa right now, so he missed it).  The weather was perfect, we had great helpers, and the strawberry shortcakes were terrific.  We had a good outing.  We also had our first night of Coyote Kids running tonight.  The program is such a good one.  The little boys ran a 25 yd dash tonight.  Will will run a 220 yd run when he goes next week.  I took the little boys by myself tonight and was so proud of how they behaved.  My friend Maggie wandered over our way and helped for the actual run, but I managed to get the boys there and to the running area all by myself with no stroller or wagon to contain them.  They are getting good at holding hands which is really nice.  

So, tonight, I am thankful for the weather, the great helpers we have, and for being able to go do things with the kiddos that I would be doing if we only had one or two, but that doing with seven can be difficult.

A cool, gray day

Today was another cool, gray, wet, and windy day.  That means we stay inside :(  The boys have loved being able to go outside and play.  So, here was our day today.

Midnight, I go to bed.  Everyone is in their own bed asleep, I have everything ready for the night and what I can for the morning.

1:50 Katie wakes up.  She eats and is back in bed at 2:55.  Emme wakes up at 3:10 and goes back to bed at 4.

4:30 Will comes into bed with me.

6:30 Katie up again to eat.  The little boys wake up and start playing around 6:45 this morning.  While Bill is in the shower, I finish feeding Katie and then get the boys up and downstairs to eat breakfast.  While he is getting his coffee ready, I run upstairs and take my shower. Katie is still awake, so I bring her down and wash her hair (she always spits up in her hair at night!) and get her dressed.  The boys finish up their breakfast when our helper friend Jane gets here.  She helps me get the boys cleaned up and dressed and then Emme and Meggie are awake and need to be dressed and fed.  After that, our friend and helper Maggie and her two little ones arrive.  While Jane has been playing with the boys, I got the dishwasher emptied and a load of laundry folded and another load into both the washer and dryer.  Maggie gets the dishwasher reloaded.  Grandma Marty comes to get Will for his swim lessons.

By this time it’s almost 10.  The boys are still playing in the play room.  I grab Drew and run to talk to my benefits rep about an insurance question.  I’m trying to do something one on one with each of the boys.  Today was Drew’s turn.  I love having one out at a time, it’s so easy and it’s fun to see how much they love being the only child :)

We got home a little after 11.  11 is lunch time, so Maggie has made mini pizzas, peas, and mandarin oranges for lunch.  The boys all love them and everyone ate a great lunch.  Will gets home a little later from his swim class.  He does such a great job swimming.  Dishwasher is running, laundry is going, and the boys are still playing.  Will and Maggie’s L worked on some coloring today.

1:00 is nap time.  The boys are always tired and ready for their nap.  They go climb in their beds and are usually asleep within 5 minutes.  Will doesn’t nap anymore, but does a quiet time.  He takes a book to my bed and reads and also likes to watch one of his shows on tv.  Recently, it’s been Team Umizoomi or Paw Patrol.  While Maggie and I were getting all the kiddos down for their nap and quiet time, Jane picked up the play room.

1:30, met with my Grama’s financial advisor.  Went through last quarter info.

2:00 get to eat my lunch.  I ate some of the pizza’s Maggie made, they were great!  We get everything picked up during nap time, so the play room is ready for a new start, the kitchen is cleaned up and ready for snack, and the last of the laundry for the day is done (barring any catastrophes!)

3:00 little boys starting to wake up.  We get snack ready.  Today was apple and cheese stick.  

Then we play until dinner.  Dinner is around 5.  Bill grilled cheeseburgers last night, so all we had to do was reheat those.  Then we also had corn on the cob, biscuits, and french fries.  The boys are loving the corn on the cob!  After dinner, we got the kitchen cleaned up, girls fed again, boys changed into jammies, and more play.  Meggie and Katie were in bed a little after 7, Emme fed again and is sleeping downstairs right now as she tends to be awake more during the evening and needing held and fed.  I took the little boys up a little after 8.  Bed time is a challenge around here at night.  I am still having to sit in their room to keep them in their beds.  As long as I’m sitting there, they calm down and finally fall asleep after about an hour.  If I leave the room, they get up and start playing and then it’s a matter of starting over again getting them back in bed and calmed down.  I usually end up getting Will in bed because with no sleeping nap time, he is tired.  But tonight, he was picking up the play room for me and so was downstairs longer.  When I got finished putting the little boys to bed, Will had come upstairs with his jammies and fallen asleep on his room floor trying to stay awake to wait for me.  I changed him into his jammies and put him in bed.  He tries to be such a big boy, he melts my heart every day.

10:00 I’m back downstairs and it’s my me time - I play candy crush and catch up on facebook.  Most nights I’m holding Emme, but tonight she is asleep in her swing so I can type.  I am getting ready to say good night to the computer and get Emme to her crib and get everything ready for tonight and tomorrow morning.  I’ll be in bed at midnight!

Here are some Easter pictures we got done by our lovely photographer Lindsay Bolinger and then one of the girls 4 month pictures.

Palm Sunday, always one of my favorites!  We made it to church again today - 3 weeks in a row and on time all those weeks!  I love being back in a church family, singing and worshiping.  Our neighbor comes over and helps us get ready and then we carpool over to church.  People help us get in and out which is also so helpful.  Today, Will and Tommy waved palms, Drew decided he didn’t want to, and Sammy was busy visiting with people to even notice it was going on :)  After church, we had lunch and the boys played outside.  We have been really enjoying these warm days and wish it would stick around longer.  Then, during nap time, my dad, Marty, Will and I went to pick up the triplet bunk beds my ob gave us.  She is such a special person!  After nap, it was more play time and then dinner.  It’s amazing how fast the day goes by.  Now, everyone is asleep, I need to finish up laundry and dishwasher and get clothes set out for tomorrow morning, then I’m off to bed myself!  I hope everyone enjoyed today as much as we did!

A great Saturday

We had such a fun Saturday today.

We went to an Easter egg hunt this morning.  One of our friends came over to help me get the boys ready in time to go (it started at 9).  I got the boys dressed while she fed the girls (they were staying home with Bill).  The girls were all starving because Katie and Meggie had slept through the night, and Emme had slept almost through the night, she only got up once to eat.  It felt great to get such good sleep!

The boys had a lot of fun at the Easter egg hunt.  They all got their picture taken with the Easter bunny.  Drew wanted nothing to do with him, but the other boys didn’t mind him.  Will was excited to sit beside him for pictures.  Then they did the egg hunt.  Will picked up only blue eggs.  Drew collected an entire sack full of eggs.  Sammy picked up a few, but wanted to sit and open the eggs before putting them in the bag.  Tommy stood and shook his bag and did not collect any eggs.  It was so fun to watch them!

Once we got home, we went outside and played.  The boys had a picnic lunch and then played some more.  They were more than ready for nap time!

After nap was more outside play time.  The girls even got to go outside and enjoy our warm sunny day.  For dinner, our neighbors came over and we had a cookout.  Nothing better to end the day!

Boys and girls are all fast asleep, so I am going to go to bed myself and hope that we have another night of good sleep!

We are all still here!

I haven’t been on to update for a while now, but wanted to let everyone know we are all still here!  On Jan 3, 2014, the girls arrived!  Margaret Elizabeth, Kathryn Rose, and Emily Juliana arrived weighing in at 5lb12oz, 5lb12oz, and 5lb5oz.  They all struggled a little bit with their breathing at first due to all the fluid in their lungs.  However, that quickly changed, and they became perfectly healthy in just a few hours :)  They arrived just before a blizzard, so we were in the hospital during a small blizzard and then came home 4 days later in a bunch of snow and temperatures well below zero.  We’ve been busy getting used to being a much bigger family now, but have really enjoyed the girls.  It is so fun to watch the boys love on their baby sisters, or as Will calls them, his girls.  We have lots of help, the kiddos are all well loved and we all get time with everyone each day.  

Will is still swimming and doing gymnastics.  He was just bumped up to the next swim class, so is in with 5 year olds now.  He is fun to watch and I can’t wait for our pool to be opened this summer.  He is signed up for preschool in the fall.  He will go 2 mornings a week.  He is very excited to go to school and wants a green backpack.

Drew is our sensitive child.  He loves to be snuggled and to read books.  He also likes to play trains at our train table and to play outside.

Tommy is our helper child.  One of his favorite activities right now is to clean.  You give him a rag or a broom and he will clean for hours!  He also loves to swing outside.

Sammy is our independent child.  He will play in a group or by himself and is always figuring something new out.  Right now, he is mastering the clip buckles of his booster seat and all the baby swings.

Meggie is a very smiley and talky baby.  She loves to coo and to watch everyone.

Katie also loves to smile and talk.  She would much rather sit and face one person and talk than to watch a group of people.

Emme is also a talker and smiler.  She has a very serious look most of the time, but she gives great smiles when she decides to do it!

We are still trying to figure out life as a family of 9 here.  It’s been stressful, tiring, fun, and absolutely the biggest blessing we will ever have.  This is a life I never would have believed I would have, but now that I do, I wouldn’t change anything about it.








24w5d OB appointment, pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day

I had an excellent appointment with my ob today.  All 3 girls look great, and I got a few u/s pictures to share :)  Baby A was not cooperative in her position to get any face pictures, but Baby B and Baby C did cooperate.  I am measuring 37 weeks, so getting big, but worth every moment.  I’m not sure whether I mentioned on here that we have finalized names.  The girls are going to be Margaret Elizabeth (Meggie), Kathryn Rose (Katie), and Emily Juliana (Emme).

Today is also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  I am 1 of 4.  It’s definitely not a club you want to be a member of.  Today, my heart aches for all mommy’s who have lost their little one(s) way to soon. 

When we decided we were ready to have children, we did not know what a journey we were in for.  We had a year of trying, nothing happened.  My doctor sent us to see a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist), Dr. Colver, at Midwest Fertility.  He quickly figured out what we needed to do to get pregnant, and then the losses started.  I think we had every possible outcome - a negative pregnancy test, a chemical pregnancy, a blighted ovum, a miscarriage of twins, and finally, Will.  Each loss, Dr. Colver used to figure out how to keep us pregnant.  We were thrilled when we had Will, a healthy boy.  We decided that we should start trying again when he was a year old because it took so long to have him.  We were thrilled to find out we were pregnant again.  When we found out we were having triplets, we experienced an entire new set of emotions.  We knew this was not going to be the same pregnancy, birth, and overall experience that we had had when we had Will.  I know we were extremely blessed and our prayers were answered when I gave birth to full term triplets.  Pretty soon, Bill was talking to me and said we need to try again so you can have a girl.  After a lot of discussion, we decided that if we were going to have another baby we needed to do it now.  Our house is in baby mode, and give it a few years, neither one of us would want to come back to it.  Having triplets again never crossed our minds.  In fact, I don’t know anyone who has ever said I want to have triplets once, much less twice.  When we found out we were pregnant again and that it was triplets again, we were beyond shocked.  We pray that this pregnancy continues to be a healthy one for both me and the girls.  We also pray, that when these girls are born, they are healthy.  We love all of our children, and know that we have been blessed.

So, we have another round of croup going through the house.  I think we are finally all on the mend again, but it seems like everyone is healthy for a day and then bam, we are hit with something else!  

Will celebrated his 3rd birthday with in his words a fun happy birthday for two days in a row!  On his birthday, our neighbor Lesa and her daughter Jess, joined us on a trip to the apple orchard.  Unfortunately, it was on Friday, and they didn’t have the you pick areas open.  Fortunately, the boys are all young enough, they didn’t realize what we missed out on!  They had fun seeing the animals in the barn and playing on playground equipment.  Then we bought apples and pumpkins that were already picked.  We had lunch at their restaurant, then headed for home.  After nap, our favorite sitter, Kayla, came over and watched the triplets so we could take Will for a birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  He loved sitting in the saddle!  Saturday, we picked up his cake, had gymnastics, and then had his birthday party.  His birthday party was not really a big party with friends.  We’ve had enough sickness going through that we didn’t want to have to cancel a bunch of people.  It was perfect though. Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Molly and Uncle Kyle, Aunt Martha, Brian, and Brad all came over to celebrate.  Will was thrilled with his birthday, and is still enjoying his new toys :)

Today, Will had his 3 year old well child visit.  He is 39.5” tall (95%) projected to be 6’2”.  He weighs 34 lbs (80%).  The dr. is thrilled with his development.  We are going to be working on his baby talk (he has started to imitate the little boys in the last couple months) and his doing what we want him to when we want him to, not when he wants to.  (For example, the dr. was asking him about his birthday, and instead of answering him, Will continued to show him his tractor.  We need him to answer, then show the tractor)

Will is all signed up for the next session of gymnastics (moving up to the 3 year old class), a session of basketball at the YMCA, and will also be continuing his swim lessons.  The little boys will hopefully be going to their swim lesson again this week (have to see how their coughs and colds are doing!), and will be going to next session also.  

Pregnancy update, I go to the ob tomorrow.  I am 24w4d right now.  A huge milestone as we have met viability.  Things are still going well.

Birthday fun - Will loves all his cards!

Croupy Drew just wanted Mommy snuggles.

Tommy, Sammy, and Drew enjoying bath time

We had the triplets 15 month well baby visit today.  The boys are all very healthy, and doing good.  Our pediatrician is hoping they have more words by their 18 month check, but is very happy with their receptive language skills.  He also moved Tommy from nebulizer bre  athing treatments twice a day to an inhaler twice a day.  Hopefully this will make life easier for all of us. Tommy does not like doing breathing treatments, so I have been fighting him with them. We have a bunch of tall, skinny boys! Drew is 32” long, in the 80%, and projected to be around 6’1”. He weighs 22.8lbs, in the 20%. His head circumference is 18.25”, in the 30%. Tommy is 34” long, over 100%, and projected to be around 6’5”. He weighs 25lbs, the 55%. His head is 18.75”, the 65%. Sammy is 32.5” long, the 85%, and projected to be around 6’1” also. He weighs 22lbs, the 15%. His head is 18.5”, the 45%.  I’m always excited to see how they are growing, and can’t wait for Will’s appointment for his 3 year old well child visit next week.  

The little boys were also able to make their first swim lesson of this session (session is almost over).  We have missed the others due to Grandma and Grandpa being out of town and then all the sickness that has gone through our house.  I’m hoping that we can stay healthy and keep them swimming.  I got the paperwork while we were there to sign Will up for basketball.  I still can’t believe he will be 3 this Friday, does not seem possible!

I think we are finally on the mend at our house.  Not back to normal, but getting there for the little boys.  Will now has croup, though :(  We did enjoy a nice quiet weekend at home.  

I’ve been asked many times what it is like to have 3 very mobile 15 month olds (I still can’t believe they are 15 months old today!).  I say, our baby proofing changes daily.  Here are some pictures of all the gates we have set up to keep them out of harms way.

Tommy and Sammy climbed up into Daddy’s chair and found his mouse and remote!

Sammy moved from the chair to the table.

Walk through gate to the kitchen with the start of the extended play yard to block the front of the tv.

Play yard in front of the tv.

Walk through gate to the front entry way.

Play yard gate section behind Will’s chair to keep the boys from climbing over the chair and getting back to the fireplace area (also notice the behind the couch table is about 2 feet behind the couch now!)

We used to use the toy chest to block between the couch and chair, now we have to have a gate behind the toy chest to keep them from going up and over.

And here, we used to use the box to keep them from getting to the back by crawling between the table and chair.  Then they discovered they could climb up on the box and over the table, so we had to add a piece of a play yard and another gate to block the climbing on the box :)

The boys love to play.  We are teaching them about cleaning up, and they now clean up the balls every night before bed.  It’s fun to watch them figure their world out!